Creating Memories....One Perfect Blossom at a time!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Be Creative!

There is nothing more beautiful than a clean and clear glass vase for an arrangement of flowers, especially for a picture perfect time-less wedding. But sometimes, we just want to be creative and have fun! Besides, the only rule that seems to be consistent right now is that "there are no rules!"

So, why not have fun? Be creative!

Almost anything can be used as a container for
fresh cut flowers. Just make sure it is water-tight.

We love to use pumpkins, squash, and fun shaped gourds for containers in the fall. Not only can you add fresh cut flowers, but you can add potted plants as well like pansies.

Nothing is more fun than a lot of chips and homemade salsa at a fiesta.... except maybe the flower arrangements. Try adding cilantro, peppers, and maracas mixed in with your bright flowers. We even added a few to the back of our pinata. Use hollowed out, bright colored bell peppers to hold flowers, candles, and even extra salsa.

Throwing a baby shower?
We use baby bottles as vases filled with baby blooms.
Check out our baby rattle made out of tightly
mounded baby white carnations.

And who doesn't like presents?

We use flowers to accent gifts of all shapes and sizes, including gift bags. Flowers and ribbon can be matched to any occasion.

What a great way to make your
gift stand out from all of the rest.

Some of our wedding consultant friends needed some flowers for their booth
at wedding show. We were given free creative rights to capture springtime. We added lots of textures, layers of spring colors, and a butterfly
fluttering around the top of the flowers (can't be seen in this photo).

We neatly tucked away all the messy stems and added a water garden in the vase below the arrangement, complete with flowers, river rocks, a butterfly, and a water light to showcase it all.

For more ideas, tips, or even if you have a question as to how you can create some of these fun projects, please contact us. We would love to help.

Just One Bloom Makes all the Difference!

One of my favorite things to do is find fun ways to incorporate flowers into, well, EVERYTHING!! Flowers will not only accent every special event, but they make our every day events a little more enjoyable.

The best thing about flowers, is that even with only one blossom from your yard, you can make a great statement, change a mood, light up someone's day, celebrate a special event, and also create a lasting memory.

I love a single flower on my kitchen counter next to my stove just because it makes the task of cooking dinner each night less routine. It gives me something to look forward to as the flower each day opens up a little more, changes in the different lighting, and adds a little pop of color.

A flower in my bathroom is a fun way to start my day. While I get ready I have something that is not only beautiful to look at, but it's life, it's color, and for me, it makes me feel special, even a little bit pampered.

Everyone has one place where they spend a lot of time, usually doing a routine task. Like me, it might be your kitchen or bathroom, but it could be your car, your desk or work-station, or even your laundry room. Think about your one spot and try just one bloom. Watch how as you type on your computer, fold laundry, cook dinner, cut hair, answer phones, and do all the other tasks of the day, how watching one simple flower will improve the task and lift your spirits.

*Simplify: Let us do the work for you! We would love to come to you each week with a new flower or bouquet of flowers for your special space. With you, we will determine what style, size, and shape of vase you need and then each week we fill it for you. We even have vases that will attach to your computer, mirror, white board, or on most any surface. All you have to is ENJOY!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Favorite Cakes

Flowers really are the "icing on the cake." There is nothing better than taking the talents of a baker, mixing in the talents of a florist, and creating a spectacular masterpiece. Here are a few of our favorites...

The hydrangeas on this cake were all hand-dipped and sprayed the day before the wedding to make sure they matched the brides wishes perfectly.

Custom created flame orange calla lilies also were created for this bride to accent roses, freesia, and star of bethlehem.

Hawaiian inspired, this cake is accented with irises, white plumeria blossoms , bear grass, antherium, sea shells, gladiolas, and all floating on top of a bed of river rocks with plumeria blossoms floating in a pool of water. This cake in the evening light was a truly a tropical work of art.

Downtown Salt Lake City is the backdrop for this beautiful cake. The cake is inside a historic mansion on top of a table lightly sprinkled with white rose petals. The cake is accented with beautiful white roses, freesia, and mini calla lilies. Truly a timeless masterpiece.

RWD specializes in working directly with your cake baker. Please feel free to contact us anytime to get started on your masterpiece.

Friday, June 22, 2007

"Blossoms" and Brides


We apologize, but at this time our "Blossoms" program has been temporarily closed. We look forward to its return in the near future.

For more information and all details relating to "Blossoms," please visit us at